A downloadable project

This is a vector graphics flower generator done for the ProcJam2017.

This is part of a larger project called Butine: a virtual ecosystem with plants and bees. I wanted to have a semi-realistic plant system with genomes and cross-breeding for that project, this is what this generator is about!

I hope you’ll find its output interesting and pretty!

If you want news about the bigger picture, follow my itch.io account and why not my Mastodon or Twitter feeds. :)

Source code is available here: https://www.upyum.com/cgit.cgi/butine/?h=procjam2017

I haven’t made an executable to download yet! It should be available for at least Linux pretty soon.


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Cool !! Are you still working on this?

Not these days no, but I plan on resuming this when I’m done with other projects. :)